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International medical insurance Annually renewable major medical insurance coverage for individuals and families. Coverage is available for US Citizens overseas and non-US Citizens anywhere, including the US. international medical insurance

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Why Buy International Medical Insurance?

If you are a US citizen living abroad traditional sources of US private health insurance will not meet your needs. Geographical exclusions and provider limitations common to these policies will restrict or even eliminate the coverage available to you while you are outside the US. At the same time, you may not be eligible for participation in the government-sponsored plans in the country where you reside. Or you may wish to have access to health care in other countries, including the US, in the event you become seriously ill.

If you are a non-US citizen you may need an international medical insurance policy to supplement the coverage available to you through a plan sponsored by your government or to provide coverage while you are outside your home country. If your lifestyle knows no geographic limits, you need health insurance that knows no boundaries.

Wheather you are a US or non-US citizen, the Meridian Plans have been designed to meet your needs.
Travelers Tip When selecting an insurance provider, be sure that the company you choose is experienced and financially secure, a firm that you can be confident will be there when you need them, both now and down the road.

Am I Eligible for Meridian?

Clients who qualify medically and are more than 14 days old and under the age of 65 who either live outside of the United States, or who would not qualify for a US domestic health insurance plan as a result of their citizenship status would be able to apply for the plan and once accepted, would be able to renew indefinitely with no medical questions at their renewal period subject to the terms of the Evidence of Insurance. Those clients who qualify medically and are accepted on the plan after the age of 65 would be able to renew their plan up to their 75th birthday. If you are a US citizen, you must leave the US within 30 days of your effective date of insurance and within 30 days of your renewal date. If you are in the US at that time you will receive notice of your renewal approximately 60 days in advance of your date of renewal.Insurance, identification card(s), sample claim form, welcome letter and receipt for the transaction. If your application is declined, your premium will be refunded in total.

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How Do I Apply for Meridian International Medical Insurance?

To receive a quote and complete an application online, please click here. Within five business days of receipt of your Application, you will be informed of whether your Application has been accepted or of any additional information required for continuing the evaluation of your Application. If your Application is accepted, you will be informed of the effective date of coverage, and a fulfillment kit will be sent via mail containing your Certificate of Coverage, an identification card, a Claimant's Statement, and instructions on how to use your insurance. In the event that your Application is not accepted, your premium will be promptly refunded. You can also opt to receive your fulfillment kit online.
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