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What Are the Plan Features?

Emergency Medical Evacuation:

In the event you suffer a life threatening injury or illness, the Meridian Series provides benefits that are prepared to respond in a time of crisis. Emergency medical evacuation provides transportation to the nearest facility that is equipped to properly care for your condition. This does not necessarily mean a return to your home country or any specific country or territory, as the condition may demand treatment in a timely fashion which would not be the case if it was necessary for you to be repatriated. All emergency medical evacuations must be precertified and coordinated by the plan administrator to be eligible for coverage.

Emergency Reunion:

We know it's important not to feel alone at a time of crisis, so the Meridian Series provides coverage to transport an immediate family member or friend to your bedside in the event you are evacuated. The Meridian Series will pay for round trip air or ground travel as well as lodging and meals for up to 15 days so that you will have companionship during your recovery.

Family Friendly Rates:

International living can be financially challenging for a family and the Meridian Series helps make insurance affordable, thanks to our First Two Free feature. Families enjoy the benefit of having the first two children under age 10 covtheir parents are insured on the plan! The Client Center is a tremendous online resource which allows you to access information about your insurance on a round the clock.

Optional Dental Rider:

We want to make you smile and the optional dental rider can help keep that smile looking great. By selecting this optional benefit plan, you can protect yourself from high dental costs with dental benefits that increase over a 3 year time horizon.


In order to receive complete benefits hospital admissions, trip interruptions, repatriation of mortal remains, emergency reunions, emergency medical evacuations, any eligible inpatient or outpatient procedure as indicated in the Evidence of Insurance, must be pre-certified by contacting the plan administrator through the contact information indicated on the member's insurance card prior to receiving service. In the case of emergency hospital admission, the plan adminisrator must be contacted within the first 48 hours of admission or as soon as possible. Pre-certification is not a guarantee of coverage.

What Are the Exclusions and Limitations?

While the Meridian Series provides the most thorough and expansive coverage available in the international market today, it is important to recognize that there are some conditions and circumstances where your plan would not provide coverage. Please take note of pre-existing condition criteria and information on what the Meridian Series would not cover:
  • Investigational, experimental or research procedures
  • Charges for cosmetic surgery or weight modification
  • Treatment for sleep disorders/hair growth/exercise programs
  • Contraceptive medication or treatment
  • Drug and alcohol abuse treatment
  • Organ transplants not specifically listed
  • Treatment resulting from illegal activities
  • Speech therapy
  • Persons HIV+ at effective date
  • Adult routine physical examinations are excluded under the Basic and Enhanced plan for the first 12 months
  • Treatment as a result of terrorism, war or riot
  • Charges which are not medically necessary, or are not performed by order of a physician

*This is only a consolidated and summary description of some of the current benefits, conditions, limitations and exclusions. An Evidence of Insurance containing the terms, conditions and exclusions will be included in the fulfillment kit. The plan administrator reserves the right to issue the most current Evidence of Insurance for this plan in the event this application and/or brochure has expired, is modified, or is replaced with a newer version. A complete copy of the Master Policy is available at all times upon request.

Optional Term Life and AD&D Insurance

If you reside outside of the US, you may have access to this valuable and easily added benefit. So long as you are accepted on your chosen version of the Meridian Basic or Enhanced plan, you would be able to add up to a total of $100,000 of term life and AD&D to your plan with no additional medical questions. This powerful benefit allows you to have additional security for anyone who would suffer financially in the event of your passing.

Unsolicited Testimonial
"I had to write and say thank you for helping me so much with my claim. I'm not used to insurance companies being so responsive. It's a breath of fresh air."
- Colin P.

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