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International health insurance Annually renewable major medical insurance coverage for individuals and families. Coverage is available for US Citizens overseas and non-US Citizens anywhere, including the US. international medical insurance

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Meridian Basic

The Meridian Basic provides a premium menu of essential, generous, yet affordable benefits. If great value at a price which will still allow room for the rest of life’s expenses is vital to you, the Meridian Basic is the right fit for you.

Meridian Enhanced

The Meridian Enhanced plan offers the premier benefits available in the international medical insurance market today. If it is important to you that only the best medical insurance plan will be sufficient for you, the Meridian Enhanced provides the richest in benefits while still offering you the kind of quality premium value that only Azimuth is able to provide.

Which Coverage Area Is Right For Me?

offers two coverage areas: including the US and Canada and excluding the US and Canada. If you desire worldwide coverage, select the "Including the US and Canada" option. If you do not need or desire coverage in the US and Canada, you may obtain lower premiums by selecting the "Excluding the US and Canada" option.

The Meridian Speed Underwriting

The Meridian Series plans involve a review of your application by underwriters to determine your eligibility for coverage and acceptance on the plan. Even though no one likes to wait, rest assured that Meridian underwriting is extraordinary in its speed, accuracy and efficiency. Meridian Basic applications are routinely reviewed and processed within 2 business days and Meridian Enhanced are regularly reviewed and processed within 3 business days, provided we receive all necessary information. Once accepted on the plan, you will receive confirmation of coverage via email if you provide the information, followed by a complete fulfillment kit containing your Evidence of Insurance, identification card(s), sample claim form, welcome letter and receipt for the transaction. If your application is declined, your premium will be refunded in total.

Your full satisfaction is our goal and after receiving your fulfillment you have the opportunity for a 7 day review of the plan. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied you may cancel your plan, via written notice to plan administrator and receive a full refund of your paid premium amount. After this 7 day period has elapsed, you may cancel at any time by providing 60 days written notice to the plan administrator. Your unearned premium amount will be returned, less a Short Rate Cancellation Fee.

How Do I File a Claim?

Filing a claim is easy. Once your Application is accepted, you will receive a kit which contains Claimant's Statement and Authorization forms. Complete this Claimant's Statement and Authorization form, attach original, itemized bills, and send them to the plan administrator. Be sure to complete your Claimant's Statement entirely and sign it. If you have already paid certain expenses, attach copies of your payment receipts. You will be reimbursed for eligible medical or dental expenses. In the event that you have a large or ongoing claim your pre-certification will in many cases allow us to arrange for your care and payment directly to healthcare provider.
Travelers Tip Always remember to contact your insurance company if you've changed your address or your automatic debit or credit card payment information. More than a few policies have lapsed because of such simple oversights.

What Travel Assistance Services are Included:

If it matters to you to know that someone is always by your side while traveling in a distant land, the Meridian Series can ease your mind while you are away from the familiar surroundings of home. For no extra charge, each Meridian Series Plan includes the following key services to help you when you are in the greatest need:

24/7 Live Call Center – never worry about getting lost in voicemail while you are many time zones away. A caring, helpful voice on the other end of the phone is always ready to help

Lost Baggage Tracking – if you've ever had to chase down your airline baggage department to find out where your luggage may have gone, you will appreciate our ability to do so on your behalf. Enjoy your travel without having to make multiple phone calls to get updates on your baggage delivery

Travel Advisories – get in the know, before you go; call us to learn areas to avoid, travel delays, weather alerts and more

Crisis Cash Advance we'll help you get to your money so you can stay on the go
Much, much, more

Meridian Travel and Medical Assistance Services are not insurance benefits. Any Assistance Service provided is not a guarantee of any other benefit under the Meridian Series.

Login to your own control panel

ClientCenter is an online account management and resource tool that allows you to:
  • Change personal information
  • Renew coverage and reprint ID cards
  • Obtain details about claim filing, including downloading necessary forms
  • Pre-certify for certain medical procedures and hospitalizations
  • Locate providers within the PPO Network
  • Study destination, weather and travel security information using our Travel Intelligence and Planning System (TIPS)
  • Access health and wellness information
  • View and download brochures, obtain policy information, or get quotes for other products

Unsolicited Testimonial
"Thanks for your answer. I wasn't expecting anything nearly so quickly, but when I checked my email, there it was! Are you this fast with claims too? Your customer service is great!"
- Natasha F.

Living in a foreign is risky.CitizenSecure international medical insurance will make your stay in a foreign country more secure and enjoyable.
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